Emacs: File Size Threshold

I use Emacs to open up WAR files often. Since these files are often large, Emacs usually pops up a confirmation dialog which was cramping my style. Turns out Emacs maintains a threshold of file size for this. The default value is about 10 MB. The variable “large-file-warning-threshold” is customizable. Note that you shouldn’t set […]

Emacs: Writable Directories

I recently discovered this nifty mode called “wdired” (writable dired). It gives “dired”, the simple directory management tool within Emacs, some editing functionalities. In short you can “edit” contents in a directory. With it, you “edit” a directory like a file buffer. So instead of making changes one file at a time, this mode lets […]

Emacs: Remembering Cursor Position

Emacs has a little package called SaveSpace that makes Emacs remember the position of the cursor for each file you opened. It’s nice to open a file and the cursor automatically jumps to where it was last. Sweet! To enable SaveSpace, add the following configurations in your ~/.emacs file (setq save-place-file “~/.emacs.d/saveplace”) (setq-default save-place t) […]