Gingy and Gabriella December 14, 2011 at 9:06 am

Gingy and Gabriella
By: Allison Lam

Have you ever heard of a story about a monkey that was rich and always got what she wanted and another monkey that did the opposite? Well if you haven’t I will tell you the story. Ok. Where should I start? Oh yes!

Once upon a time there lived a rich and cold hearted monkey named Gabriella. Gabriella lived in a palace. She was unkind to everybody that lived in her village. She would visit the village and anybody who would be in her way she would give them a little push. And if the children monkey’s ball would roll up to her feet she would pick it up and throw it in to an old monkey’s watermelon patch. But there was a very poor but very kind monkey. Her name was Gingy. Gingy always did the right things. And she would do the opposite things that Gabriella did. Like if she was starving and spotted some food she would grab it Gabriella spotted some food and found some homeless monkey children she would turn her face to the food and chop it down and if she found some homeless monkey children she would give the food to them. But if with her shiny teeth till everything was in her stomach. Gabriella would always tease Gingy about how she lived in a royal palace and Gingy lived next to two empty barrels. And tell Gingy that she was more pretty than her. Then one day Gingy had enough. She felt like she wanted to have REVENGE! She was so mad about Gabriella teasing her and telling her that she was more pretty.

Gingy had enough! So the next day she went straight to the palace and knocked on the door. Thank goodness the butler was awake. So he opened the door then Gingy told the butler why she was there. The butler said he could understand but if he told Gabriella that he would get fired. So Gingy went inside herself. Finnaly she found the cold hearted girl she told Gabriella to stop bullying her. But Gabriella disagreed. Then Gingy told Gabriella she would give her the big dimand ring that Gingy found and wore. So she agreed. Well at least pretended to agree. So she went on about teasing her and saying she was more pretty. So five more days on again she went to the palace but this time it was Gabriella who opened the door. But Gingy didn’t care. So Gingy told Gabriella that if you tease or brag about somebody you are called a bully. Gabriella told why she was a bully. And she said,“I’m sorry I have been bullying you. I always bully because my parents keep telling me I’m foolish because I keep forgetting to water my plants on Thursdays and it just drives me CRAZY!” “Oh I see,” said Gingy. “I guess I shall go back to the barrels,” When Gingy was about to leave STOP! Somebody yelled.

It was Gabriella. “Come live with me, And your homeless friends too. REALLY?! Asked Gingy. Really. Awnsered Gabriella. So then Gingy raced to homeless friends are brought them to the palace then Gabriella showed them their rooms. Then Gingy went up to Gabriella’s parents and told them to stop saying Gabriella is foolish. They agreed. So they stoped. And Gabriella turned really nice. And If she fond the children monkey’s ball she would hand it to them not throw it to another direction. And if she found someone homeless she would let them live with her in the palace. She turned out to be nice. And so should you.

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