Breaking Out The Water! May 3, 2011 at 10:01 am

Since Mother’s day is coming I figured I’d share a quick funny story of my mom…

I called my mom yesterday morning before heading to work. I found her unusually upbeat. She started telling me she was so happy when she caught the news of Bin Laden’s death on the radio the night before. She’s said that she wanted to celebrate the death of that “son of the bitch” (she normally doesn’t cuss). She said she would breakout the champagne if she had any, but since she doesn’t drink and there was no champagne, she celebrated by opened a bottle of water.

This is just how my Mom rolls… You go Mom!

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  1. You know, you should submit this one for My Mom is a Fob!

  2. I did thought about it, but didn’t have time to get around it…

  3. ????SALE?

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