Europe 2010 June 24, 2010 at 9:55 pm

This year, Suzanne and I decided to take a trip to England and France as a way to celebrate our 10th year anniversary. I decided to blog a bit of our experiences as we travel. Since I will only blog as time permits and the fact that internet access might be limited in the country side, the blog posts will not be regular nor up to date. Also, please pardon the typos and grammar errors as these will be quick and raw posts.

Snapshots of our trip will also be updated on the gallery widget on top right of this blog but they’re better viewed on my flickr. Again, they’ll quick post processed and probably not be regular.

Let’s start with how the trip begins with a little unexpected drama.

The day started out with me coming within inches stepping on a snake that found its way into our backyard. With a box in one hand and a stick in the other, I did my best imitating Steve Irwin. Katelyn & Allison cheered their old dad on like a hero. After a few attempts and many involuntary girlish screams, I got him trapped in a box. There wasn’t time for me to call animal control. So I covered that box with a lid for Doc to come by after work.

I didn’t want the poor thing to suffocate and I didn’t close the lid all he way. Rookie mistake. Half hour later, the snake proved I’m no snake handler by getting away. Probably for the best, but snake charmer, I’m not.

Anyway, with the little drama over we loaded up our 2 gigantic suitcases (Suzanne over-packed again) and took off to SFO. We kissed the girls goodbye and off we went on our 10 hour flight to London. Our 17-days adventure to celebrate our 10th year anniversary was underway….

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