Europe 2010: Day 6 – London July 2, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Day 6: London

We bid Bath goodbye and headed back to Paddington Station in London. We hailed a taxi cab to take us to the train station. At the last minute, I asked the driver to take a detour to The Royal Crescent. I was hoping to make the trip there early in the morning, but Suzanne & I both got up late. When the cab stopped, I quickly hopped out and ran onto the lawn and took the photos of the crescent. I bought a new camera specifically for taking the panoramic shot of this place. It was the “money shot.” After getting the shot I wanted after a few tries, I rushed back to the cab.

We checked into Melia White House right next to Regent’s Park, very nice hotel, fanciest place so far. After checking in, we caught bus #88 and headed to the National Gallery museum. We got off at the Picadilly Circus. Wow, it was an entirely different world comparing to quiet Bath. Soho was happening with crowds every corner: noises from construction, people hurrying from one place to another, buses and cabs zipping by. The weather was warm and humid so Suzanne stopped by a Japanese take out place and got a black sesame seeds & green tea ice cream. We happily headed toward Trafalgar square– Suzanne with an ice cream cone in one hand and camera in another. I told her she cannot looked more touristy, to which she replied that so was I– with a dSLR around my neck and a Stonehenge cap on my head. She got me!

The National Gallery housed a collection of paintings from British artists. The collection was pretty large, paintings of every style. I enjoyed them.

After grabbing a quick dinner at hotel, we took a taxi cab to Her Majesty’s Theatre and caught Phantom of The Opera. It must be something 20 years since I saw Phantom the first time. The performance was great and the music was as good as I remembered. The ending was a bit different from I remember though. This one had the phantom dissapeared, which isn’t the ending I vaguely remembered. I thought The Phantom died in the original.

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