Europe 2010: Day 2 June 26, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Day 2: Victoria & Albert Museum, London Bike Tour

After a light breakfast, we started the morning with the visit to Victoria & Albert Museum. The collections in this museum were enormous and extremely impressive. We snapped a lot of shots of the items. Highlights included a large collection of Asian arts, color stained glasses, paintings by Raphael, busts and statues etc… There was also a Grace Kelly fashion display– I didn’t appreciate it but Suzanne enjoyed it. I thought the Horace Walpole collection was very good. The items this guy collected over his lifetime were impressive.

We grabbed sandwiches and had our lunch in the courtyard while waded our feet in the large shallow pool, watching little kids having fun with the water. We head back inside for another hour.

After about 4 hours of museum time, we walked to the Kensington Gardens. The park was big, with big tall trees. The afternoon was a tad humid, so the placet was a nice way to enjoy the breezy afternoon. We took a quick nap on a park bench and then stopped by Lady Diana Memorial Children’s Playground for ice cream before exiting the park. One thing we noticed is that the Brits seem to really enjoy hanging out in their parks– more than in the States, it seems to me.

We met up with Matt from Fat Tire Bike Tour at Queensway station for the afternoon bike tour of London. Matt took us through Hyde Park and St. James Park. It was a fun alternative to the typical double-decker bus tour of the touristy sights. We saw the Kensington Palace (Lady Diana’s residence), Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Trafalgar square.

The biking and all the walking totally exhausted us as we headed to dinner. We stopped by a local Thai place we stumbled upon on a whim. The place had the worst Thai dishes I ever had. They don’t even taste like Thai food. The best thing from the meal for me was Coke– refreshing after a long day. What a forgettable meal.

Another long walk as we meandered through the small streets and we made back to the Kensington Hotel utterly exhausted. But instead of passing out, Suzanne & I found ourselves up at 1 AM writing and packing for our next stop: Bath. We’re still jet lagged still I suppose.

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  1. Wayne did some Fat Tire Bike Tours and he said that it’s a great way to tour the area. Try it in Paris also.
    Isn’t it nice to bring a model along with you for some fabulous pictures? 🙂

  2. We’re doing a seqway tour instead in Paris. Looking forward to it.

    Yes, and this model sleeps with me! sweet… 🙂

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